Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Under Construction..

So...I'm building a website! It's my porfolio/space for my printmaking, illustration & graphic design :)

I am building it using Adobe Dreamweaver. It has been such a mission figuring out CS5, but I'm getting there! It's rather basic (I don't have all the skills...and flash is a whole other kettle of fish)...but here's what I have so far! Check back soon for the actual images :)


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Things have become busy recently...

My prints made it to Lot Design safe and sound, and are now hanging on their wall ready to be sold...

Last Monday i hung up my work at the Otago University Law Faculty. They are all ready for the Art in Law IV Exhibition which opens on Tuesday 20th July and runs until November.There is some pretty cool work there by other students, graduates & lecturers of the Art School so you should go have a look if you are wandering around University. I've had some really encouraging feedback already resulting in an early sale of a print and a commission to create a new one. Below are some photos of my prints lining their walls..

It's so cool being commissioned to make a new print because that is now motivating me to make some other new prints. I haven't really had time to make any new prints since I graduated and my focus has mainly been on selling my previous editions ( which has been successful!) and on graphic design & illustration..but I'm keen to start carving up some new woodblocks asap so watch this space!...

I've also picked up two freelance design projects which I am working on. The first involves designing a new logo for a healthcare centre and also a information folder for a nursing initiative. The second involves illustrating and designing a retro kiwiana themed wedding invite for a client i got via my Coroflot Portfolio. They are very fun projects!

So its all go!