Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2nd Place!

On Saturday I went along to the presentations for this years Amuri Art Council Competition, The theme: "Is that Surreally the Amuri?". My print 'Outstanding Dairy Conversion' (a morphed Ram & Cow as shown below) got placed 2nd for my agegroup. Apparently one of the reasons that I didn't get first place was that apparently dairy conversions (thanks Dad for the clever Title), or Rams or Cows aren't exclusive to the Amuri area.. but then, most of the content in all the other artwork isn't exclusive to the Amuri area either so go figure. However, Im stoked to get a placing considering I entered just for fun :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Flo's Mobile

Hello! This post has been a LONG time coming.
On the 4th July 2011 my gorgeous wee niece Flo came into this world and a little stumped on what to buy for her welcome, I decided instead to make something myself and settled on a mobile for her room (which she is apparently loving at the moment now that she's a bit older!)

I did a refresher course on how to make paper cranes, then when confident enough I made my cranes using some beautiful handmade paper that I was once gifted from a friend (Thanks Sarah Bowers!). I then strung them together using some fishing twine and hung them from a wooden cross at the top.

I then packaged it up in a special wee box for Flo and sent it up north with Mum :)

I think Paper cranes are just so cool. I'm slowly working on some more mobiles to sell so watch this space. I am aiming to handmake my own paper and print some patterns on them using my printing press.