Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 First Quarter


It turns out months have gone by without posting what I've been up to. Procrastination is the culprit. I've been hanging out in Hanmer Springs for the last few months enjoying Summer...which has now turned into Autumn. Picked up some part time work, and have spent the other part time sorting out my parents house & garden, and have made a few trips down south and over to Brisbane and Melbourne.

Late January I finished up my projects with the Valley Baptist, and then started on a few projects with the Amuri Community Health Centre - they are getting a flash new building over in Rotherham and so were needing a new logo and also a newsletter to send out outlining their new services. Below is the new logo:

I've also given my website a bit of a makeover so go peek at www.simonemariecreative.com

After a couple of months of sorting out our Cottage next door, I finally have a space to work! Hoorah. A little bit cold in there but its nice and cosy with a fireplace, kitchen and couches for sitting and thinking up new ideas :) And a nice porch for sitting in the sun and drinking cups of tea and working on woodcuts...

I had my studio set up just in time for the completion of my printing press! (thanks Dad). Here it is.... all that metal is pretty heavy, but its definetly portable so i'm stoked!

A little hesitant at whether the press was actually going to work, I got started on a test print. Sat outside on a beautiful sunny day and got carving. Once carved, i coated the MDF board in some shellac and waited to dry. Then I rolled out some waterbased ink on to the board and rolled it through the press...

AND VOILA! My first print on my new press:

It produced a nice even flat of black ink which is a good sign. How exciting! Good to know the press is in perfect working order so its time to start thinking up some new ideas. Watch this space! But first i must clean up...


  1. Beautiful, Simone! Love your new space, and your new press - agree, VERY exciting! You must be loving having that all set up and ready to go.

    Great to see! :) Rach.

  2. Simone! What a wonderful creative space, and where better than Hanmer to be artistic. We will be moving into a new house once it is built a bit later in the year, when it is I will get in touch about buying some artwork for it's walls! XXX Bridget Vowles

  3. Nice post, Simone! Keep it coming!