Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bye Bye 2010

The last month or so has whizzed by! At the beginning of December I finished up my work at SouthLife Church...and with that said goodbye to so many of the projects that came from being a part of the Creative team there. My last project for them was the theme & registrations for the Leadership Summit coming up at the end of January..which sadly i will not be attending...

..Because after I finished up work I packed my wee car up to the roof and headed back to my hometown of Hanmer Springs! Unfortunately I didn't have much response to my last post, but I managed to fit all the prints in anyway. However, I did manage to sell a print at Pukeko Junction at Christmas time. Yah!
I'm spending the Summer up in Hanmer (with many adventures to Christchurch). Lots of time over December has been spent outside in the garden, but there is still plenty of time spent completing design projects and thinking up new ideas for 2011! Especially since Christmas time bought with it a new wacom drawing tablet from my brother, and my portable printing press is currently in construction. I can't wait until it is ready!

A Few months ago I managed to pick up some work with what is now 'The Valley Baptist Church' in Dunedin, they have continued to give me consistently so I was kept busy right up until the day I left, and with the joy of the internet I can continue working with them from Hanmer. The first and most important project was the name change and new logo..

Here is what they had before:

And after much "umming and arring" this is what they decided on for new logo and signage. Unfortunately with the front sign, they changed their mind at the last minute in terms of colour and made the front sign all white.. which wasn't the intended plan, but sometimes I guess its hard to keep everyone happy in a group. Luckily the main sign is interchangable so i think next time they will opt for a dark green background on parts instead. See below: (sorry about the poor quality photo - click on it to enlarge)

I have also been kept busy making business cards, welcome cars, newspaper advertisements, flyers for various guy fawkes and christmas events, welcome cards for new people etc (all of which i'll probably upload to flickr at some point) .. However one of the funnest projects thus far would have to be a brochure for "Easy Rider" - a course for men.

That's pretty much it for 2010. I'm off to Christchurch to see the New Year in with my friends. Happy New Year! See you in 2011 :)

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